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December 10th, 2011 1:58 pm

I’ve finally been able to follow Ludum Dare site enough to actually get the dates for the next compo:

Since the beginning of this year, I constantly thought of joining in to the fray and practice some game creation, but due to a busy lifestyle, I have always ended up finding out about the compo too late or many days after It happened.

This will be my first time participating in the Ludum Dare (it appears there are a lot of new people coming in every compo). I nearly missed the compo this year, but it managed to squish into my timeframe just and just: After the 48 hour of coding I’m off to an airplane and will be flying on a 15 hour trip from Europe to Asia.

Abit of background:

I am a last year Media Engineering student, studying the myriad fields of digital and analog media. I mainly come from a technical background, but I have practiced all sorts of visual design, and dabbled abit in audio field. This all is thanks to fooling around with content creation in a Virtual World platform known as Second Life.

A Gamer at heart, I’ve always liked playing games – So, I’m making this as my chance to jump start and try my hand at game development, which is an area I would like to be professionally in.


My Tools:

  • Audio: Adobe Soundbooth, various sound libraries for sound effect composition (if allowed, its not really clear in the rules “Created by your self”: but how about composite sound effects from libraries? ), a Samson C01 Condenser Microphone.
  • Visual 2D: Adobe Photoshop
  • Concept Doodling: Alchemy
  • Texture Base Generation: Genetica
  • 3D Framework: Unity 3D *
  • 3D Suite: Blender
  • Main Programming: Either HTML5/AS3/Java (Javascript/C# for Unity3D, however.)

* Will be used on this round as that’s something I’ve been looking into using for a while now.


Risk analysis

I know its going to be bit rough to design,code,create everything within 48 hours, especially as I as an individual nitpick on even the smallest of details, but I will try to adhere to the KISS rule. Sure I’ve done 48 hours rapid coding before, but usually focused with programming side instead of doing anything with visuals or the sort.

The main issue is that I have no prior knowledge of Unity 3D – Sure I have lots of experience with OOP and Visual Design using Objects, thanks to my experience in Second Life, creating mini-games (such as bomb defusion) this would be the first time I theoretically create an actual game.

But this is a hard decision. I have the most Experience with AS3, JAVA and PHP, However I’ve never used a game library for AS3 or Java, And PHP is not suitable for other than ‘time based farming’ in , or developed visual movement for HTML5/Javascript.On the other hand

So for this round I will be using Unity 3D which I have been studying the past week.

Will see if I can at least give the warm up a shot, But I’ll possibly be fooling around with Unity 3D this weekend :)


Anyway Good luck to everyone

Happy GameDeving :)


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