Infographic: What went right? What went wrong?

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December 8th, 2011 6:18 pm

Check it out: an infographic from postmortem data! (click to zoom)

For the book I am writing (Game Jam Survival Guide) I did an in-depth analysis of posts tagged as post-mortem reports on the Ludum Dare website. This is just a rough copy and I’m hoping to incorporate your postmortems from this time around for the book so that the sample size is bigger – so remember to write a short, concise post-mortem after you submit your game next week with “what went right” and “what went wrong” sections, preferably in point form to make data collection simpler.

Some of these statistics really surprised me, while others merely confirmed my gut instinct. To draw some conclusions from the data, everyone should be familiar with their tools and frameworks prior to the jam. Most people loved coming up with a plan based on the theme, but many forgot to set aside enough time for art and level design.

Get people other than yourself to playtest it so it isn’t too hard, doesn’t have lousy controls and lame enemies, and is easy to figure out what to do. Don’t bother with physics unless absolutely necessary. Prepare to deal with time-management issues, cut features and focus on what’s most important. Keep your plan simple. Finally, and surprisingly, if you include music and sounds effects you will be much happier with the final product.

Good luck during next week’s LD22 compo. Remember, if you need more time, can’t share your sourcecode, used any clipart, prefabs or samples, or want to work in a team, you can join the JAM and enjoy an extra day to work on your game without worrying about the rules.

Have fun! I can’t wait to check out all your awesome games.

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11 Responses to “Infographic: What went right? What went wrong?”

  1. Jacic says:

    Awesome idea!

    Very informative as well. I always love me a good chart.

  2. Jacic says:

    I also just noticed that you have the “Pro Style” and “Noob Mistake” graphics on there too. Very nice! 😀

  3. alfredofreak says:

    Yay infographics! Nice job McFunkypants.

    For at least the duration of LD 22, this is now set as the wallpaper on my middle screen 😀

  4. Felipe Budinich says:

    I’ll use the “what went wrong/what went right format”, I think it’s a great idea 😀

  5. fydo says:

    Where’s the “Spent too much time playing WoW”? 😉

  6. Tulrath says:

    I hope I’m not the only one who noticed the money/FU watermarks 😀 Nice touch Mcfunkypants!

  7. joekinley says:

    Awesome McFunkypants. I am so gonna preordering this book. Where can I give you my money and get that book?

  8. bobbobowitz says:

    I will definitely write a postmortem. Thank you for assembling this infographic!

  9. bobbobowitz says:

    Yay! 22 hearts. Perfect.

  10. Thanks guys! The book is still being written but this Friday afternoon is the deadline for the full rough draft! After that point, editors at my publisher will go through it, add a hundred notes and comments, and I’ll have to revise it maybe 4 times until it is approved for sale. I’m HOPING to have it ready (on Amazon) in time for the Global Game Jam at the end of January.

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