Ludum Dare 36
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Ancient Technology

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LD36 has ended!
Well done to everyone who took part.
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Gotta jump in to learn, right?

Posted by (twitter: @CNIAngel)
December 8th, 2011 7:37 am

I’m in for Ludum Dare 22. This is my first LD so I hope I do well. I’ll be using Java (not sure which¬†libraries. Probably LWJGL). GIMP for my graphics. Not sure about sounds and music yet. Good thing I still have a week. I’m really excited for this because I’m not very good at game programming.¬†Anyway, good luck everyone!


Language : Java

IDE : Eclipse Indigo

Libraries : LWJGL and/or Slick2D

Sound : SFXR (for sounds) and WolfTram (for music)

Graphics : GIMP


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