Ok seriously guys

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December 7th, 2011 2:30 pm

When voting for themes, do remember you are going to have to make a game based on the theme AND play upwards of 700 games based on the theme you choose.  Try to think a little before upvoting “Beards” or “Kittens”, if you can’t instantly think of at least 5 completely different games for a theme, it isn’t a good theme.  Also, downvote non themes, i.e ones dependent on implementation, we want to see a wide variety of games, not 700 black and white games, or 700 pixel-art games, etc.  Just remember that if a theme is in the top 100, it just might win, so try to be sensible please.

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  1. fydo says:

    Just because you are unable to think of 5 games with the themes of Beards or Kittens does not mean that others are unable to. Historically, those with poor imaginations tend to complain about pretty much every theme anyways, so we’d might as well pick a fun one!

  2. johnfn says:

    Chill :) The theme voting you’re seeing now is just for culling the theme list, not for actual theme voting. That’s why, for instance, you can vote like 12 times on the same theme and the system won’t get upset at you.

    I’ll eat my own hat if kittens is actually the theme*.

    * Some conditions may apply. I get to choose what type of hat.

  3. arkeus says:

    I would absolutely love to see 700 games based on “Black and White” or “Pixel Art”. :) I think Black and White would be an amazing theme, especially since it could be used in so many ways (and not just having the game colors be Black and White).

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