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December 5th, 2011 5:42 pm

By some surprise, it turns out that the end of my finals week is celebrated by yet another Ludum Dare. I think I’m going to give this challenge a try, though I’m not fully sure what I’ll be using (leaning to opentk with c# because it’s the most familiar environment for me, heh). I’ll use all the favorite utilities like sfxr, of course (did they make the vvvvvv soundset via sfxr? it’s churning out some surprisingly similar things)

In terms of random fun facts, this wouldn’t actually be my first try at this. I tried last time for LD21 and failed horribly. I was rushing and not planning things out, resulting in very messy code and me doing idiotic things like trying to reinvent hashtables, and eventually I couldn’t get my singular unnamed character to collide or move against anything in the world. She’d walk straight through castles and fortress, as well as mountains. She could also jump over eight times her height. It didn’t work very well, and the graphics weren’t great either. I’ve figured out where I went wrong, though, and I hope to actually get something working this time around, especially since I won’t have anything important to do afterwards.  I think to get myself into the spirit, though, I’m going to try to make a quick little game beforehand, though. It will be a platformer based on a more ambitious idea I have that would likely be a 3D FPS in space. It will involve people walking around a floating world while they shoot people with guns. Nothing special, but just a fun little project.

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