On the 32nd of October – Count your time !

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November 15th, 2011 12:53 pm

Okay, even if October had some more days, the ski camp wouldn’t be opened on the 34th of October, as a little polish takes way too much time ! But it was really fun and the game is already enjoyed by all the beta testers we got, so we released it online and will continue ! For the next Ludum Dare, or any project if you want too, I made a count down window that you can display right within Unity (of course, that assumes you use Unity). Between wolves and timer, the post continues here after…

Here are some details on the wolves in the game : Snow Wolfie, as I named it, is a snowboarder and a wolf. We could pretend that he’s not very good at snowboarding, in fact he doesn’t know yet how to make a real nice curve on its snowboard, but he’s got some tricks: how to stop immediately when he’s facing a danger, or slide faster when he’s got to slide away ! And he’s got a mission : bring the flour bags to the granny Rose chalet ! To do that, he will require some of your skills, and only two buttons on your mouse (what, you’ve got only one ? well we can arrange that, that’ll be on another post).

If you haven’t seen it, go watch the video on YouTube and play it on Kongregate and post your comments, the ski season has begun !

Chronometer and Count down : as I said, I think it can be useful for Timelapse or only to keep track of your deadline : a count down displayed right in front of you. And there’s a chronometer also: you can start, pause and resume it when you want, and go back to the timer. You can read more and download the free unity package from my blog.

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