Introducing the xmas club

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November 15th, 2011 4:20 pm

October challange is great since it encourages those of us that don’t always get ourselves focused to work in far more focused fashion. Now some of us didn’t finish oct challange for various reasons, others just couldn’t participate at all.

So we’re putting together the xmas club with a similiar goal, the plan is to work from the 16th of nov to the 15th of december (the day before the LD starts) and have something out making money by then. While similar in goals we’re hoping to be a bit more “tight” by having those who are trying to do something working together and pushing each other to acheive smaller goals on our way to the final goal.

Right now we’re a couple who sit on #xmasclub on so join up there . If you’re irc averse for some reason reply with your g+,twitter or similar profile here and hopefully we can get in touch.


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  1. whizzter says:

    I’ll go first with my G+ profile incase people want to get in touch (I do think for our purposes IRC will be the best place)

  2. Yezu says:

    I’ll also go with G+. I’m not so fond of IRC.

    Is it ok if use something I’ve recently started working on?

    • whizzter says:

      Of course it’s ok, i’d even say it’s a good idea. We kinda got together for this xmas club thing because a few of us are of the kind that often gets stuck making “engines” and whatnot. focusing on making an actual game is the main thing.

  3. jovoc says:

    haha awesome! I’m still working on mine but it’s SOOO close, already in beta and mostly working, just got the last big feature finished last weekend (high scores/leaderboards).. im in the “turkey day” club, hoping to finish before the annual ritual sacrifice of large forest dwelling birds.

    • whizzter says:

      Nice, I hope you make that deadline! What we try to do on irc (and i’m about to post a G+ msg about the same) is to try to encourage eachother to make good schedules and stick to them! And i think i’ll need to get one quote from irc out here :)

      “this channel sure helps. managed to get more work done today than in last 2 weeks :P” (Kinda of what i was hoping for but we had hardly even got onto working yet :))

      Keep pushing, and if you feel down then shout out to us!

  4. I’m fine with that, a little irc-averse, irssi doesn’t like me D:

    Yay, I can finish my game for an LD-ish game!

  5. cobhc6 says:

    Great! You guys are awesome, this time we WILL clear the challenge! :)

  6. Andrew says:

    Since I’m still waiting for N+1 places to approve Urth for October challenge I suppose I qualify for this too 😀

    Also G+:

  7. Winterblood says:

    Ooh, I may have a go. I bailed on the October Challenge due to work deadlines, but I’ve got a new smaller project I’d like to finish. It is EPIC and simultaneously SURREAL and quite HEAVILY INSPIRED by a certain classic 80’s game involving proceural landscapes…


  8. Fenyx says:


    I hadn’t finished my October challenge game yet either, so I’m trying for Christmas too! Glad to see that I’m not the only one.

  9. Olofson says:

    “Oh, hi!” :)

    I’m on Twitter mostly: @OlofsonArcade

    Still working on Kobo II, trying to get that playable tech preview out the door. Just wrote a rudimentary EULA and some other documents, and doing some minor tweaks for Win32, so now it’s finally, ACTUALLY just a matter of an hour or two…! (Or so I think – but we all know Murphy. :D)

    BTW, I’ve actually sold a number of licenses already, but that doesn’t really count before release, does it? 😉

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