18 hours remain – 2D Tile RPG

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November 6th, 2011 1:58 am

Its a hill.


Second post. Please excuse the art, I am soloing this MiniLD and I am a programmer, not an artist!

So this is my first time creating a tile based game, it is looking like it will be more of an engine than an actual game, but I like how the engine part of it is coming out… All of the map data COULD be procedurally generated, although after the competition I intend to continue working on the game, and have maps generate off of premade files… The combat is sort of Rock – Paper – Scissors style, but with stats involved. Basically, if you attack an enemy, and the enemy defends, the damage is reduced severely, and it has a chance to stun you. The third option is currently named taunt, and it beats defend, but does even less damage. Attack beats taunt, but doesn’t have a chance to stun, as it does the most damage anyway. The game uses adaptation in two ways; the character adapts  by leveling according to the way that you played it, and each enemy type favors certain choices, so you adapt your combat choices to which enemy you are fighting.

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