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So I failed this Ludum Dare… But I have a blog now (?)

Posted by
November 1st, 2011 8:15 pm

I actually have a commercial version of my game ready, but I couldn’t get everything up and working before the end of october, since actually selling the game can be a little bit complicated…

First, in Android Market, you need a Google AdSense account, and that can be complicated to get.

And in Desura, I’m still waiting to get accepted.

I’m a little bit sad about “losing”, but it was definitely a positive experience.

And as far as getting an AdSense account running, I’ve created a blog about my thoughts on game design and everything else. I’m still a newbie at the whole thing, though, this is my first blog.

Anyways, here it is: Stories of Game Design blog!

3 Responses to “So I failed this Ludum Dare… But I have a blog now (?)”

  1. barblewarble says:

    I believe you just needed to have your game submitted to whatever place you were selling it from by the end of the month to “win” so if you filled in the Desura forms before the end of the month you did it!

  2. 7heSama says:

    barblewarble is correct! You win! :D

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