Into Beyond (actual title) :D

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October 31st, 2011 8:54 am

As it turns out, i won’t be submitting the game for the october challange. It would just feel wrong to submit a milestone version, eventhough it got to the stage where i wanted to get.
The october challenge though helped a lot getting the motivation up, working continuously on a project, and keeping you posted about updates. It was great fun participating in it, and i don’t think i’d be anywhere near this stage of progress if i haven’t accidentally read about it! So, thanks for hosting! 😀

Into Beyond is a exploration shoot’em up with non-linear level and campaign design. Your only restrictions are your resources. You will travel to different planets, star systems, asteroid belts, space stations and lots more places, to discover loot, new gear, or even new ships. Different places may include different styles to play, so it won’t all be side scrolling action.

The goal is to get this done in the next 12-18 month, depending on resources and people i get to contribute on this project.


Now, for your pleasure, a few screenshots! (Can’t record video currently because Fraps is eating up all of the performance my pc has to offer :|)

All of the assets are placeholders and by no means final.
So for now this is basically a big proof of concept, which worked out quite well, and i am certain that this project may be well received once it is done.

I’m currently looking out for a way to fund further development, so if you have any suggestions, i would appreciate input on that.

I will now continue posting updates on my blog, rather than this journal, so if you are interested how the development continues you can hop over to

or my youtube channel (will receive updates as soon as i am able to record again)

or follow on twitter!/RedWaterGames


Thanks for reading and good luck to the other participants!

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