Introducing the Mini-LD #30 (Togetherness!)

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October 28th, 2011 9:39 pm

The Mini-LD #30 will be taking place on November 4th-6th. It will start at 6PM PST.

The theme is: Adaptation!

If you want to join our Google+ Hangout, please add me here!

We are also hosting a local game jam here in Phoenix on that weekend. I plan on setting up a live stream of the room as we work.

We would love to see some other communities group up and join us!

In fact, that is the “secondary theme“! Anyone who can, please join this jam with other groups in a community. If you are not in an area with neighbors, set up a Google Hangout! The best part of game jamming is working with a group of fun individuals, so don’t rob yourself of that enjoyment.

Even if you are being a “Lone-Wolf”, join a pack!

If you have any tips or suggestions, or would like to offer help set up an online hangout (Skype, G+, etc), please comment on this to let me know. See you guys on the 4th!

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37 Responses to “Introducing the Mini-LD #30 (Togetherness!)”

  1. Um… Well…

    I have no way of getting to any sort of Google hangout. Even if someone were to drive me, my family is over-the-top hostile toward friends taking me places.

    If I were to join a team, it would have to be online.

    Please understand that not everyone who stays at home has a choice. Some of us have no reliable way of getting around to events in physical locations.

  2. Patacorow says:

    Yaaaay, another mini LD. Great practice for the real thing in December.

    I had a blast in the previous mini LD (which was also my first) and I’m sure this will be even better 😀

    Best of luck to everyone! (AND PLEASE POST THE RESULTS THIS TIME. :U)

    In case you don’t remember me:

  3. FlyWheel says:

    Nice! I was looking for a 48 hour comp to get me and a few friends together and code. We will definatly be taking part in this.

  4. kblaney says:

    This will be my first Ludum Dare competition. I am, probably unwisely, looking to go “lone-wolf”. However, I would like to get together with some people for a hangout on G+ for inspiration/encouragment/distraction purposes. If anyone has a hangout I’d fit with, get in contact with me through

  5. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it for this one, and even then for less than 48 hours. As for getting together with people I’d have to go the G+ hangout way as well.

  6. phalseprofet says:

    For the first time in a few months, I think I might actually have time for this. I’m thinking about working alone, but I might bring in an artist I know if he has time. If not, I’ll have to wing it alone.

    As another option, if there is anyone in the Los Angeles area that would like to collaborate in person, I would be down. I’ve had bad experiences from virtual teams.

  7. onefineline says:

    San Francisco, anyone?

  8. chips says:

    This is gonna be my first ludum(cbs working in a team, its 2 complicated)

  9. kblaney says:

    So… is “togetherness” the theme then?

    • digital_sorceress says:

      Togetherness is a secondary theme, which I’m personally going to ignore.

      The true theme will be announced tomorrow (friday) at 6pm PST, which would be 2am in the UK, but is +/- 1 hour due to the DST differential.

      • kblaney says:

        Thanks DS, I was really confused that I saw that because it was about a day and a half too early to have a theme. Local time of the announcement for me is 9PM.

        • Tyler says:

          Thank you for clarifying digital_sorceress. The theme is not togetherness, it just an optional secondary theme. It is not meant to be used in the game, but instead how you operate during the game jam. We would like everyone competing to join in to a community during this Mini-LD.

          • kblaney says:

            Yeah, I get it. Somehow I didn’t see “togetherness” there originally and thought that I botched my understanding of the announcement date big time. See you all in the hangout.

  10. TheOMP says:

    Alright, so about the Google hangout…How are we going to assemble in one group. Is there just going to be invites to a Google hangout or are we all going to have one big Skype session?

  11. Radnyx says:

    I agree, this’ll be great practice for the December LD, I attempted LD 21, but I was so not ready. And can anyone give me more information on this “Google hangout?”.

  12. seano says:

    Anyone in Ireland interested in forming a group?

  13. codyfurr says:

    Pretty excited for my first mini-LD!

  14. caladan21ph says:

    Wah. It already started. I’m going to try for this mini-LD.:)

  15. Patacorow says:

    Aw man, I hate timezones. Now I have to start on the 5th…

  16. Folis says:

    Good thing that G+ isn’t an option for me, thanks to the age restriction. >_.<

  17. Patacorow says:

    Done. Where do I submit?

  18. PoV says:

    Submission form added (see the post). Sorry guys, I forgot to do this on Friday. :)

  19. Patacorow says:

    Odd. On the entry page it says the theme is Togetherness but isn’t that the secondary theme? I thought the real theme was Adaptation…

  20. galman says:

    Finished It Yesterday! Yay! It was a great theme!

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