Why can’t we ski together ?

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October 25th, 2011 1:55 pm

I posted about how we arrived at ski camp yesterday, and I forgot one important thing to tell you : Why isn’t the game available yet somewhere ?

That’s indeed a very good question ! The reason is quite simple : I’m a little perfectionnist (that’s an euphemism) and I couldn’t just upload a version where there is still some tweaking to do before I find it entirely playable : mainly the difficulty progression has to be changed a little bit, but some other missing details as a “pause” button are not included as it was only one day of development. And finally this is a very special ludum dare challenge: the october challenge ! It’s not one weekend but a full month to release a game and earn One dollar with it (I’m not sure how exactly I can do that without releasing the game though ). In this particular case, we started last saturday evening and I think this game deserve a little more time before any release, but that will happen, I’ll make sure of that.
If I can have some opinion from the video and description above, that’s a plus, and I could even include some of your thoughts or remarks in the game, that is if it’s possible mainly, not only if I’m willing to do it.

Thanks to have read this so far  !

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