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CotC – Crypts needs YOU!

Posted by (twitter: @emberheartgames)
October 20th, 2011 10:38 am

This time I’m not here to showoff or to report what I’ve made in past few days but to seek your help!

As you might know, Courier of the Crypts will be a puzzle game with small amount of action mechanics. I want to ask you, what would you like to see in game like this one. Traps? What kind of traps? What about scarry moments that will throw you out of your chairs? Dancing coconuts? Everything! I want to hear everything that goes trough your mind.

I want to make this game as enjoyable as possible but I need your help here!

4 Responses to “CotC – Crypts needs YOU!”

  1. Folis says:


    Idea #1: You put pushable rocks all around the crypt, and somewhere you put a spike pit (or lava, or somethin’). The clue is, that you don’t have any rocks near you, so you have to push some with you over the course of the level.



    Idea #2: Any kind of “pull-the-levers-in-the-right-order”, hints for those are somewhere around the area of the puzzle, if you pull them in the wrong order you put something bad (i.e. bats flying out of hole.)


    Idea #3: Pretty long corridors, with green-lit torches, if you enter, you can hear rats and other creepy sounds.


    There you go! :p

  2. Blodyavenger says:

    Idea #1 is realy nice and it will add a lot to the gameplay but I won’t make the player push the heavy rock all over the map from start to the end or they will either hate me or my game :P

    #2 and #3 has already been planned ;)

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    • Folis says:

      It doesn’t have to be all over the map :p

      So, let’s say you have three rooms (X = Walls)

      X X X X
      X X
      X X X X

      I one of those rooms you put the rock (R):

      X R X X X
      X X
      X X X X

      And inbetween these rooms you put a spike trap (S)

      X R X X X
      X S X
      X X X X

      If you do it like this, you don’t have to walk all the way back to get a rock, but you have to pay attention to your surroundings. :)

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