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    SpaceHunter – all new, but still the same!

    Posted by (twitter: @wzl_)
    October 19th, 2011 3:33 pm

    So this week, as mentioned last time, i started adding some gameplay elements.

    I started with a bit of enemy behavior. The floating spheres are now mines, that close in on your position once you get near them. I doubled their hitpoints so they need at least two hits to increase difficulty.
    Also i added another enemy type: a beam turret. It aims at you and fire’s if you’re close enough. The aiming has a bit of inertia though, to make evasion possible.

    Speaking of evasion: i realised the controls were rather quirky and not very fluid, so i decided to rewrite them and came up with a new control mechanic. Instead of your ship moving up and down you now pitch the nose in the desired direction.
    This has two consequences:
    Good: movement looks and feels smoother overall
    Bad: Evasion is nigh impossible
    So i added the [Shift] key to enhance the controls. Pressing it will now keep your current pitch locked (instead of automatically leveling it back to surface parallel) and you can roll up and down, or strafe, if you will.
    This adds some nice depth into gameplay and allows some pretty neat dogfighting in this early stage of development already.

    Furthermore i added item drops, just for the sake of implementing them. They currently serve no purpose, apart from a rewarding kching sound upon collection ;)


    Now without further ado, i present to you: Funky Ship part 5!

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