Submarine game

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October 15th, 2011 1:35 am

Okay so about a month ago now there was ORCAJAM2 and it was awesome. Some of us took turns making 5-minute games (highly recommend you try that, it’s also awesome). Anyways for the October Challenge I’m currently working on a full version of that 5 minute game. Because I had to make a game in 5 minutes I used Game-Maker, and I’ll be continuing with it since I’d much rather have a good time and actually have a finished product than learn something new…. again. Anyways, you’re a little submarine, going around caves, and you can’t see nothing. So you have to fire little depth sound torpedo things to see with. Yeah. It looks more fun than is sounds and it definitely plays more fun than it looks.  Anyways, I’ll just cut to the chase and link to the gameplay video. (you should make sure you watch in 720p fullscreen if you want to actually see anything).

Submarine game test

I’d post a screenshot but it’s not really a game that lends well to still images. So yeah! Basically I just need to refine the controls right now. Then from there I decide if I want this to be some slow-paced strategically  benighted maze, or if I’ll just ditch the lighting and go for something faster paced. And then I make levels. And then Menus. And then I try and figure out how one sells a GameMaker game!

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