October Challenge, take 2

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October 13th, 2011 4:19 pm

So, last year I tried the challenge and I guess I won, sort of, but sort of not, because I never really finished the game.

I’m doing another attempt at the game except going overhead instead of isometric and using the aesthetic of an old LD game I made “Escape from Anathema Mines” instead of the one I was doing ..

Anyway, here’s a screenshot. I’m doing brute-force ray casting here and it works great. It’s really nice to be targeting the desktop using C, so I can do stuff like that. (The older LD version was in python so I had to code it smart, and if I were targeting mobile I’d have to be more optimized.) Anyway, my goal is to have this game selling on the Mac App Store before the end of the month for a few bucks.


P.S. I coded up some crazy tile generator to get all the wall contours :) Yay for python!

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  1. ugly says:

    hey this looks really neat, reminds me of the horror adventure alien breed on amiga, would love to test it!you could release it on linux too don’t you ?

  2. Blodyavenger says:

    Looks nice, keep us updated :)

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