From Game Maker to where?

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October 12th, 2011 5:38 am

Hey guys, I’ve been┬árealizing that I think there’s really not much more that I can do with Game Maker. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what platform I should move to next. Something similar to Game Maker but maybe a little more advanced.

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  1. DrPetter says:

    From what I’ve seen done in game maker, I’d say the next step is pretty much anything in the realm of programming languages. If you’re uncomfortable with getting down in the dirt and building your own environment for system and I/O (as a game developer, you probably should be), there’s a bunch of middleware or engines that will smooth things out. As I’m not enough of a game developer to avoid the gritty bits though, I haven’t really tried much of what’s available and I can’t recommend anything specific. Many would probably suggest Flash/AS3 since there are nice tools there now, and great possibilities. Flixel should be a good starting point, I bet.

  2. jonbro says:

    yep, I agree with flixel.

    However, are you really sure that you have exhausted the possibilities of game maker? what are you looking for when you move on?

  3. As the creator of, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t require any downloads or installs and is easy to get started. Our goal is to be the “Game Maker” of the web, but with solid fundamentals in programming. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any problems or comments.

  4. Jacic says:

    I definitely agree about flash/AS3. If you think you would be more comfortable with low level stuff, you could try C/C++ with SDL/OpenGL. GML (Game Maker Language for those who don’t know) is very similar to C/C++.

  5. illume says:

    I’ll put into the hat. Since I’m a developer of that.

  6. Fenyx says:

    How about Game Maker HTML5. It’s more advanced and similar to Game Maker. *laughs*

    Seriously, though. Game Maker is an excellent middleware program and, unless you are looking for speed (of gameplay), then Game Maker can do anything. I’ve seen and done some pretty cool stuff with just the Lite version. Don’t abandon it because it looks kiddish.

    Though, I would go with pygame or XNA or Flash if you need a more advanced middleware program to cover base inputs, which by your post, you do. These three are 100% code, so will help you get used to using code.

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