Frantic Dungeon Progress

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October 10th, 2011 8:22 pm

I’m not sure when exactly I decided that I was going to attempt the October Challenge, but I had just started working on a new project a couple weeks ago and it seems like something that could be completed in a relatively short amount of time so I’m going to give it a shot. My game is tentatively titled ‘Frantic Dungeon’ and is a real time roguelike that forces the player to move at a frantic pace. The idea is that on each floor of the dungeon the player will only have a very limited amount of time, probably 20 – 30 seconds, possibly less. With this limited time the player is going to have find the exit,  collect stat bonus, and kill enemies for some experience. So far that’s the basic idea and I’m trying my best to keep it as simple as possible and not fall victim to feature creep.

Here is a quick video I made to show off my current progress. I have a lot of the basic systems complete, but I still have a whole lot of work adding content.




The game is written in C#/XNA and I am planning for a PC only release. I would really like to get on Desura, but I’m not sure if I can meet the quality and polish necessary for that to happen within the specified time. Does anyone have any experience publishing through Desura? It would be interesting to hear some advice about that. If Desura doesn’t work out then I will probably try to distribute myself through fastspring or BMT Micro.


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  1. illume says:

    Looking good so far. Looks like something I’d enjoy playing :)

  2. Blodyavenger says:

    It looks nice so far and I like the idea of quick dungeon floor (~30 seconds to finish). You’ll speed up the heart pace ^^ Keep up the good work!

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