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October 2nd, 2011 3:02 am

Hey folks… This is me throwing down theĀ gauntletĀ on the october challenge. I did it last year, and made some good money, so why not do another round and see what I can come up with.

I have been working on a sequel to the project that I did last year, but not that hard. This year, I am doing a brainfuck interpreter for iphone, with 2 new opcodes that allow for waiting for a timing sync and playing a note on a synthesizer. I got the interpreter working pretty quick, and did a crappy interface for it and a really basic synth back in june. You can see a video of that version of it here. After I finished that, I realized that it would need a ton more work and shelved it while my real job took off.

I came back to it yesterday, and overhauled the graphics engine with a nice new sheen of vectory goodness:

I also started work on expanding it from a single interpreter, to 8 interpreters so that you can get a few different instances running at once with different synthesizers. I don’t really want to spend too long on this project, but I think I can jam out the synths in a day or two, and then get the file loading working, and that should be good!

I should mention that this is not a game, more of a music app, but that is where my skills lie, and I think this is closer to completion than any of the games that I did this year. Also I think that it is a bit easier to stand out in the music market than it is in the game market, so that is where I am going.

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