Return of the Quirks

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October 1st, 2011 1:22 am

Long long ago ( in a galaxy far far away? ) I started a game for Mini LD 11, called Little Quirks.

Sadly, I didn’t get it finished and it highlighted all manner of issues with my engine at the time, and made me realise it was on it’s way out ( though considering this was 2009 it took me another year or so to actually act on it! )
It also crucially gave me the kicking I needed to start using source control for Ludum Dare projects, as a lot of Little Quirks’ code has been lost to the God of Hard Drive Crashing.

I always meant to go back to it, as it was a nice simple game and was fun enough even just to watch the little guys clamber over things. Granted it perhaps borrowed rather heavily from Lemmings, but my original design did differ in that you could never directly manipulate the Quirks – you could only manipulate their surroundings. This meant modifying the insides of the cavern itself, creating helper objects like springboards, and traps to deal with the nasties lurking about that’d do harm to your Little Quirks. It also opened up a few other interesting ideas that I’d have loved to pursue within the same context.

Well, now I have no excuse! 😀
My October Challenge will be to resurrect the Quirks, and get it in a sell-able state, and explore these other ideas that I had!

Now to figure out a platform…

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  1. Blodyavenger says:

    Good luck man! 😀

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