I’m in for the October Challenge!

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September 30th, 2011 3:18 am

So I thought I’d finally get involved with Ludum Dare on the next gamejam but this October Challenge is great and I’m working on my game/tool already so why not start now!

I’ll be working on a game tool named CraftStudio which someone called “the Minecraft of game engines“. It’s a multiplayer tool for making games, in real-time. Instead of just terraforming maps à la Minecraft, you can also build your own cubic 3d models collaboratively, paint them and (will be able to) setup your own behaviors, scripts and stuff. You could call it a “multiplayer low-end Unity” and you wouldn’t be far off! It’s for all of us people who like to craft games (& movies) just because we can, and I’m building it with newbies in mind! (you can tell I’m excited by the number of exclamation marks I’m putting in this post!!!)

A Super Meat Boy model built in CraftStudio!

Right now I’ve already pushed out a free pre-alpha build (that you can grab at http://craftstud.io/). The basics for modeling are in but it’s pretty limited. I’ll push (automatic) updates about once a week.

So, my self-devised goal for this October Challenge will be to get CraftStudio out of pre-alpha into alpha land, and start selling it at the same time!

You can follow me at @elisee (more general stuff) or at @craftstudiodev (exclusively CraftStudio-related!)

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5 Responses to “I’m in for the October Challenge!”

  1. jonbro says:

    this sounds awesome. I might pop a boot into windows and check it out later.

  2. Elisée says:

    Yeah there’s no Mac nor Linux builds yet, but it’s planned!

  3. jonbro says:

    Ok, dropped in. Seems interesting, and a giant project to get through for october. I wish you the best of luck with it.

    I had some issues with the interface, it was hard to get a good handle on where to start, and a bunch of things seemed disabled.

    Also it would be nice if there was a way to enter numbers other than typing them in.

  4. Elisée says:

    Thanks for trying it out! Definitely a lot of work left but I get to decide what Alpha means ;). I’ll define precise goals though.

    Entering numbers sucks indeed, it’s not what I have in mind for the end result. I’ll add handles this week-end to allow moving, resizing & rotating blocks, like in a real 3D modeler.

    I’m about to push I just pushed the weekly update which already improves on a lot of things. You can read the full changelog on Google+

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