OpenGL (ES) 2 tutorials

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September 25th, 2011 4:38 am

While studying OpenGL 2, which is gaining widespread availability in mobile devices, I released there were few free/open (as in: anybody can share and contribute) resources on the subject – and too many outdated documentation on legacy OpenGL 1.x.

So a few fellow contributors and I set up a new set of tutorials based on modern OpenGL, through the excellent Wikibooks project (CC-BY-SA).

The code samples are in the public domain.

I bet quite a few LDers have something to say on the subject – we would much welcome proof-reading and comments :)

4 Responses to “OpenGL (ES) 2 tutorials”

  1. callidus says:

    Just want to say thanks for taking the time to put this together, good stuff!

  2. jonbro says:

    very cool, I am glad that there are more intros to the programmable pipeline out there.

  3. Mjiig says:

    You seem to be knowledgeable about this, so would you mind answering something that I’ve been wondering about? How much of OpenGL 1 remains applicable in OpenGL 2 and 3? Are they complete API rewrites or are they just additional commands that aren’t available in earlier versions?

    Thanks a lot

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