FileKiller – The most horrific game I can make

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September 16th, 2011 10:16 am

So I’m busy this weekend, but I figured I’d have time for a simple (but EVIL) game.

  • The game selects 20 files from your computer at random
  • to win, you must delete them all
  • you don’t know what each file is until AFTER you’ve deleted it.
  • files 10 and 20 are folders, deleting them deletes everything in them
  • there is no undo
this game is real, and yes, it could seriously fuck up your computer/work/job/life.


this text is a link to the game, you’d be wise to never, ever, click on it. (it’s windows only)

46 Responses to “FileKiller – The most horrific game I can make”

  1. tnelsond says:

    You mean it doesn’t send them to the recycling bin?

    • nope, deleted files simply cease to be.

      there is no way to recover them short of serious hackery.

      • Bigglesw0rth says:

        ‘Serious hackery’? As in a simple un-delete program? Or are you saying you write over the files with ones and zeros after? If not, the files are still there. This means you have room to be more evil.

        • gah, I knew someone would call me on that 😛

          but yeah, the game doesn’t touch the disk after deleting the files. when it comes to warning people about the program though I want to hang out in the land of the cautious, most folk have no idea there is a chance of getting back deleted files, and I don’t wanna get sued for not warning people appropriately 😛

          • SjoCi says:

            I… I… I must admit…
            I’m afraid… I’m strong enougth not to play it, but still… now that I know it exists… I’m afraid…

            And you… you, who brought this menace upon the world… I fear you just as much, but… even so I’m good at heart, somehow… I really can’t deny it… a part of me… admires you and wants to say…

            “Congratulation, you did well.”

            And that’s… that’s just makes things the more scarier for me. :S

  2. tnelsond says:

    Does it shred the files too, or can they be undeleted? This sounds like a very horrific game. Scares me just thinking about it.

  3. prh99 says:

    It’s not really a game is it, more a peace of malware.

  4. Randati says:

    This game is fantastic and fits the theme well! The atmosphere is scary and tempting at the same time. Polishing the graphics a bit and adding sound effects/music would make this even better. I was getting more and more nervous towards the end but I still made it!

  5. LegacyCrono says:

    If you’re evil and you know it clap your hands…

  6. Xedfire says:

    How the hell did you debug this while making it?

  7. allen says:

    I won too!

    and yeah this is on my main (work and play) pc. I did get pretty lucky though.

  8. ugolee says:

    What do you get if you win?

  9. moonmang says:

    Is it possible that it deletes itself?

  10. jjfs85 says:

    Is running it in a virtual machine cheating?

  11. Ares says:

    I can see this game making an appearance on the next Saw film

  12. parkour86 says:

    What if you set your hard drive to read only. Could you win the game that way?

  13. YaibaToKen says:

    Think it would be possible for you to change the code so that only files outside My Documents, Users and Windows are affected? It would be nice, since it would prevent the game from deleting a vital file XD although it would be less of a dare to play it Xd

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