Mini Ludum Dare 29 – HORROR

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September 15th, 2011 4:06 pm

October is going to some sort of special challenge month, so let’s celebrate Ludum Dare Halloween a bit early.

The theme is HORROR. Not “interpret the word however you want”, but “try to make something that will genuinely creep people out/horrify them”.

Technically 17th-18th, but this isn’t strict. Start whenever you want, and finish 48 hours later, or take a little longer if you want (Submissions officially close on the 25th, say). Work alone or in a group, use preexisting media/code if you want, or whatever.

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And, have fun!

48 Responses to “Mini Ludum Dare 29 – HORROR”

  1. PaulSB says:

    Don’t have much time this weekend but damn, I am reeeal tempted now!

  2. spliter says:

    Considering I just managed to import models into my game, and have fully functional 2D collisions, and partially functional 3D models with animations I’ll definitely participate.

    In other words: I’m In!

  3. Cambrian_Man says:

    Aw, heck. I wasn’t planning on participating, but I have an idea I’ve had for a while that fits this theme, so it looks like I’m going to be in.

  4. sfernald says:

    I am in.

    I have a great idea for a work of interactive fiction.

    Dark sci-fi / horror based on this short story I just love.

  5. Felipe Budinich says:

    Not my cup of tea, but I guess some Cthuloid cosmic horror thingie could do the trick

  6. johnfn says:

    Is the mini going to be rated? If it is, I’ll probably be in. (I really like to know how well I’m doing…)

  7. That’s a nice game-design-y theme.

    Right of the bat whatever I though of before is useless and need to actually think about it. good choice :-)

  8. icemelt7 says:

    Will you declare a winner ?? If not then its not really a competition.

  9. kingblade says:

    Ummm… I cant this weekend… but can I do it after the 17-18 in two days? when will the entery realy end?

  10. Patacorow says:


  11. Patacorow says:

    Alright, I’m definitly in!

  12. Elijah says:

    Definitely in. I haven’t done any dev work in so long. Too long, really. It looks like the stars have aligned for this one.

  13. ratboy2713 says:

    I have an idea, I have a map, and I have the start of an engine.

    But will I have a game by Monday? Let’s find out!

  14. Shigor says:

    I’m in… probably, don’t have much time, but this time I have a nice idea and I’ve decided to treat this as game making contest, not “how fast can I reinvent the wheel” programming contest, so I’ll try to put something together in unity

  15. CorruptOne says:

    Just a new guy, but I’ll give it a shot (though I wish I’d started yesterday..)

  16. mildmojo says:

    I’m in, I think. Trying to carve something out in javascript, though I’m not a JS programmer. =)

  17. xXblazingkinXx says:

    I submitted one, but its not showing

  18. cornedor says:

    How much time do we still have xD had a holliday this weekend.

  19. PapiCode says:

    I’m in!

    I’m gonna use stencyl just to try it out. I probably won’t make it if I code and I want to try stencyl so this is cool I guess.

    Anyway I’m gonna start when I get home from school lol.

    Wish me luck 😉

  20. My game didn’t follow the theme strongly enough so I don’t think it would be welcome in the miniLD submissions… but at least I DID make a game in 48hrs last weekend! Perhaps the “horror” of drowning is enough to make it worth a quick play. Silly little html5 + box2d “plinko” game where you are trying to save drowning victims by throwing life preservers to them. How many can you save?

  21. CorruptOne says:

    I can’t come up with anything good, so I guess I’m out for now :/ Better luck next theme, I suppose.

  22. namrog84 says:

    September 25th is last day to submit? or october 25th?

  23. imake says:

    It says: “(Submissions officially close on the 25th, say)”, so last moments to finish (or even start – really this late?) your game and submit. Already checked what others have done and I just want more and more these little horror-snacks >:)

    Also remembet to review (and comment) what other’s have done. Each have some positive twist anyway.

  24. mikemacdee says:

    There are lots of fun entries for this.

    Is there a notification when voting starts? or do we just log in now and then and check if the form is up?

  25. mildmojo says:

    Will there be any closure on the mini-LD? Feels a little like a trek into the desert. =)

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