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LD21 Linux Port

Posted by
August 31st, 2011 9:33 pm

With the help of d_m, I managed to get an ncurses-backed Linux port of my LD21 compo entry to run.


Requires python 2.6+ with the builtin curses module.

Note that it’s sized for an enormous terminal window; it’ll abort with a semi-helpful message if yours isn’t big enough.

2 Responses to “LD21 Linux Port”

  1. JohanAR says:

    Tried to start it, but it’s impossible to get more than 208*61 terminal size so it won’t start :( Using 1680*1050

    • Spigot says:

      That’s the resolution I developed it under in Windows, with space to spare :)

      I was able to get it to run in a PuTTY session by setting it to shrink the font size when the terminal doesn’t fit. Surely there’s a native terminal emulator that can do similar?

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