Postmortem – Esc.

Posted by (twitter: @tequibo)
August 28th, 2011 2:33 am

My puny game is not, by any means interesting in terms in gameplay. Main character only walks to the left or right direction, and he does not even jump once. But, it has nice art style, and somewhat interesting, although short story.

That’s because I’ve decided to use and exploit my main skill – drawing. And focus on story and idea. Because my programming skills are rather shabby and rusty, even though I have some, but they clearly not as good, as some of you guys have. I can’t say I was working really hard in this 48 hours, in the first day I have created simple graphics, and for second I’ve made simple and cheap animations and wrote a simple code.

Idea of a game looks kind of like russian matreshka doll, you keep escaping from different places. I have added places that I could remembered as often used in sci-fi and adventure literature.

I should say, this was fun, since it felt really good when I finished it and submitted. It’s great to be part of such a nice event as Ludum Dare, and I want to thank everyone who participated, and especially people who made it possible. Thanks, guys.


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