Esc. The Robot Postmortem!

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August 28th, 2011 11:34 am

Postmortem time!
This was my first LD and i have to say that i really enjoyed it, with all the blog post, chat and Streaming i didn’t feel alone last weekend. Thanks for that. ┬álong post ->

About the game, my first objective was to have a game working, in that i success even if all the things i wanted in it is not like enemies (but i like my evil space mouse so i’ll do it).
I was preoccupied all weekend about the feedback other have from my game. I wanted a game a little frustrating for the player trying to escape the falling ground while looking for the Exit.
If you played my game you probably notice that “little frustrating” don’t fit well to my game, i spend so much time playing my game that i master it and i wasn’t able to find why people found it that hard.

The major feedback i got was the camera Perspective giving wrong info about distance for jumping. Here is my biggest mistake. When the idea of the game came to me, I saw it on a 3disometric view and make it but it didnt feel right,
so i make it a perspective camera keeping the iso orientation, the game wasn’t really playable and finally came to the cam i have in the game, 45┬░ in 1 axe. i don’t found it perfect but that was ok and move to something else.
After that i didn’t touch the camera tweaking jump to make it easier but with the bad camera the game never feel right.

What i should do : I don’t really know, probably trash my cam and start a new one, behind the player but that’s not really the vision i got from the game.
so i have a question for you friendly dev people what do we have to do when we don’t find a solution that fit your idea?

Actually i redo the camera but don’t know yet if this will correct the problem. now the camera zoom in from the levelmap to the player so you know where the exit is. you can make a new zoom out using token you got in the level. For the perspective problem, now you can rotate the camera with the B and N keys.
when i finish this i’ll post a new version on kongregate and redirect the link of my entry to the original hosted by me.

And tonight i’ll doing a Walktrough video for my game, because i supposed that not a lot of people saw the 3 levels after the tutorial.

Sorry if this Text is unreadable it is written in Frenglish.

The good things :

– I finished it
– The idea worked early the first day
– I code things i didn’t think i was capable of
– The creativity from LD blogpost/chat/streaming help a lot
– Pretty Happy with the result

The bad things :
– Having an idea don’t say it’s a good one
– Making art take time, especially when crashing
– Lost Motivation on day 2 afternoon
– Panic about panicking
– Tweaking take time and feedback need to be undersood
– Unable to read Irc Chat
– Look at how frustrating is your game

Timeline (approximative):

Day1 :
9h00 : Woke up, look at the theme while Breakfast
10h00 : panicking because i vote for the theme and have no idea about what to do except crappy 2d plateformer
12h00 : lauching Unity to try an idea about falling ground
12h30 : walking on the falling ground seems fun !
13h00 : idea pop!
15h00 : first prototype on the web
18h00 : spend some time tweaking the game, from 2 friend feedback
23h00 : spend night making better texture for the blocks, you can find different ideas with the sources ( even PSD files)

10h : 2nd prototype on the web
13h : made concept for the character, tweaking game, not really motivate
14h : Bumper Cube added
15h : Yay! my computer crash while making the uv of the character, of course no save at all…
17h : Character finished no one can play the level except me…
19h : Spend time to make the character rotating, too tired to do a easy thing like that. I found the game have good controls but other find it way too hard, Tweaking…
02h : Until Submission ( deadline 3h here) : Making The tutorials, menu, last tweaks… so tired

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