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August 27th, 2011 12:29 am
This has been my first LD. I've managed to complete a game and the whole
weekend was a nice experience. Here's what I've thought...

Before LD21

+ you can't possibly make interesting levels by hand in whatever little
time you have left after finishing the engine and art, therefore you need
to make a game that doesn't rely on levels
+ you can't make decent 3d games in 48 hours
+ you can't balance a game in 48 hours
+ libraries are for lazy programmers
After LD21

+ you can make interesting levels because developping with libraries saves
you lots of time or you could make a level generator
Hell fortress escape

+ you can make nice 3d games in 48 hours with the proper tools
Under a watchful eye
Prelude of the Chambered
+ libraries are mandatory if you want something more complex than a tic-tac-toe like game
Gather 10 keys to escape
+ mining games are pretty damn popular
Lost in the shadows
Caved in
Tea powered escape!
+ 48 hour entries can provide an interesting atmosphere
Escape from the labytinth
+ you can write a story-based game in 48 hours with superbe pixelated graphics
A tale about life, death and a loser
+ WordPress hates me

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