SUBJECT:7, post mortem?

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August 26th, 2011 10:41 am

This is the second post I’m making about the game I made this LD – not been very active on the blog due to the website having its problems. I did tweet a lot, though.

I was very determined to do better than my previous entry this time – which I feel I have accomplished.

What went well:

  • Really happy with my tile work. This went a lot better than I had hoped.
  • The light/particle-stuff worked well.
  • My sound-system worked well.
  • Things were in general pretty smooth.
  • I even made a title-screen that looked fairly decent

What didn’t go well:

  • Level-design. I need to learn how this is done best. I believe that the first two rooms were decent – they did their purpose. However, the other rooms were garbage, and not clever at all.
  • There’s no ambient light in the game – several people have complained about not being able to see the player.
  • Giving too few instructions. I haven’t decided if this is a real problem or not — it is the kind of game where I want you to search around, and try different things. Some people didn’t bother, and some got genuinely stuck.
  • Spriting. I gave up making nice sprites, and just left in the placeholder sprites temporary sprites I made in the beginning of the competition. I need sprite-practice.
  • I took a shortcut on a couple of textures, and didn’t make them the power of two — that was silly, as some people got artifacts. (Hint; One of the textures is the title-screen)

Those who completed my game have been encouraging. I think I could create a larger game, based on this idea. It’s further down the road, though – since I have other plans.

Can I do better? Yes I can, just check out my performance on LD22.



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  1. tcstyle says:

    Don’t sell yourself short. I liked your player/enemy sprites as I liked (and finished) the whole game.

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