Thank’s to PixieEngine’s one-click export feature I was able to publish SurfN-2-Sur5 to the Chrome Web store in minutes, just needed to upload the zip file and add screenshots. It’s as easy as filling in the LD competition entry page.

Chrome Web Store – SurfN-2-Sur5

Currently the version in the store is exactly the same as the LD competition version, but in time it will improve.

I am the creator of PixieEngine, so I may be biased in favor of it, but I thought that it’s worth sharing. And while we’re on the topic, I also love that when I’m building my game in PixieEngine it’s already on the web, so there’s no extra packaging or upload step required, just click “Publish” and everyone has access to the latest version.

Did I mention that it is free? And that it runs on OSX, Windows and Linux? And that you can always export/download your game at any time? But wait! There’s more…! Actually, that’s most of it.

So please, check out PixieEngine for all your game development needs and give feedback with any questions or concerns. You can even start by messing around with the SurfN-2-Sur5 source, though the code quality isn’t super high since it was made for the competition.

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