My Top11 LD21 entries so far

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August 25th, 2011 1:26 am

I’ve been playing some of the entries, mostly those of which I liked the screenshots and there have definitely been some really amazing games already. This is why I thought I could share my top11 (why top11? Because I couldn’t decide which one to leave out!) with you. I’d love to see your top5/10/11/whatever, I’m sure there are still a lot of great games I missed.
So here we go!

  1. To Hell And Back (Link) by Kayamon:
    This game amazed me right from the start. The graphics might be a bit blurry, but they’re full of retro charme and the character design is really awesome (makes me think of Final Fantasy 3/6). And for 48h it was really well done, the puzzles were not hard, but also not too obvious and once you finally understood what you must do to leave hell it was pure fun. And I’m not really an adventure fan btw.
  2. the dream forest (Link) by mes:
    This one’s very artistic and has a great atmosphere. You walk around quite slowly and the only thing you can do is pick up umbrellas that bring you to new locations. This very short game is all about the feeling it creates. The graphics and animations are very thoughtfully put together and it’s a great experience.
  3. Flee Buster (Link) by ChevyRay:
    The idea of this game is that you play three games one after another. Everytime the time runs out the game switches to the next game, which starts right where you left off before. It’s really hard to adjust to the new gameplay mechanics every time but that’s exactly why it’s so much fun. ^^
  4. Not the Sharpest Sword in the Box (Link) by Draknek:
    This game is plain and simple pure fun. You have to avoid swords with your ragdoll character by pulling his arm or leg or whatever part of the body you like around. The graphics and sound are very stylistic and make for a very polished, little game.
  5. Tea Powered Escape! (Link) by Gachuk:
    Your task is too flee from a cave while the water is rising. You can destroy the blocks around you to dig your way up to the surface. There’s also tea which lets you jump higher (I think, I only used it once ^^’). This game has just the right amount of challenge to make it a thrilling experience. I don’t know about the long-time motivation, but the first playthrough was really great. :)
  6. Still Dreaming (Link) by bach:
    Although this game contains only two puzzles, they’re so well done and presented that you feel you’ve been playing something absolutely worth your time. It has this undeniable ‘Sword & Sworcery’ charm. I really would like to see a longer version of this.
  7. Virtual School 2 (Link) by GozerGomez:
    Oh god, how this kid gets on my nerves! ^^
    The cool thing about this game is how surprisingly well it fits the theme of the compo. It has three endings, but unfortunately I only found ending 1, which was really great. It’s a short, but very fun game for people who like to explore their surroundings.
  8. Amke’s Revenge II (Link) by Mark Overmars:
    This retro platformer seems to do everything right: It has nice retro graphics, good controls, a lot to explore, a good challenge and possibly the best designed boss fight in this contest. And that you can buy a hat for your little pixel character is the icing on the cake. ^^
  9. Boat Escapade (Link) by wademcgillis:
    Again you have to flee from the rising water (this time on a boat), but the nice twist of this one is that you sometimes have to dive right in to get to a new place. The water is really merciless and one mistake could already be your last. Really well done!
  10. You Don’t Fit (Link) by mcc:
    This game is very minimalist. You move around a rectangle and have to try to manipulate other blocks so that you can move further to the right. The graphics are not worth to mention, but the sounds fit very well and it’s really fun to puzzle your way through it.
  11. Vampire Runner (Link) by arielsan:
    I love the concept of this little game! It’s so simple but also so much fun. It’s maybe one of these games that could’ve been done in a few hours, but the concept itself is so good that it definitely deserves a place in this list.


So, this is it. What do you think of these entries and what are your favorites so far? :)



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  1. Folis says:

    My absolute total favorite so far was ‘Mindbane’, which LegacyCrono made. That is one awesome platformer, which I played through three times in a row, and I’m actually a platformer-hater ^^

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