Hi!, this is the first time I do this and I’m not so good in English but I’ll try:

For those of you who don’t know which game is it, it’s right here.  The game has a very simple concept (platform running), before the competition I was thinking about what would I make if the escape theme were selected then the runner was one of the first ideas but not the concept, I just thought about something I could draw (simple stuff) and could complete in 48 hours.

The reason to select XNA as the main tool for creating it was that I already worked with it before and I heard about the competition two days before it started then… no time to learn new languages or tools, anyway I learned very interesting stuff about Inkscape and Gimp, such as the cool texture effect I used to make the graphics.

Things that gone well (in my opinion):

– The most important, I could finish a game, don’t know if it’s fun or not but I was happy I could finished it.

Learned new stuff about graphics, sounds and found some bugs in the libraries I used for animation and camera (which I coded before and shared in assembla .

– The time was managed relatively fine, except for the level design.

– A new concept was created, simple and under pressure, which means (not really) maybe with more time I could get something better.


Things that gone wrong (again, in my opinion):

– Level design was the biggest mistake. I should be using a tool to create the level, I have been thinking about polishing the level creator I started years ago and I haven’t completed it yet. I think this is one of the most important points and stuff to learn about.

– Coins placement, due to the short time (taking into consideration I started trying to code the level late) I wrote a very simple and naive algorithm, didn’t like it so much but at least it worked.

– Due to the lack of experience making sounds the music was not so good, it made me think I should have a library of sounds made previously when I have time to learn about it.

Things I learned (which is the topic I like the most):

First of all I think we (programmers) should be wise when we decide which tool will we use to do something. In my case I used XNA because of the previous experience I had and lack of time to learn something new. But… (as the LD recommendations said) it would be better to use some tool which could be deployed web, such as Flash or HTML5, I would say Unity but I think maybe sometimes is boring if you have to wait too long to load the game but… anyway it’s good too.

It’s important to take time to think about the game, I mean, the designing part. It is true that 48 hours are too short and we have to code as soon as possible and draw and bla bla bla, but… if we make good plans, there will be good results and not only good results but “not wasting time” (coding things again and again or starting an idea from the beginning in the middle of the compo is not good).

Finally, it’s really nice to get others comments about your work, to see what the rest of the people made and what the thought when they created their games and when they tried yours and criticize it I think it should help us to be better programmers, designers, etc, etc.

Here, a screenshot of my game:

 I hope this can be helpful for somebody and you enjoy the competition :).


PS: I will try next LD with flash or something like that.

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