Who else used Java or Processing?

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August 23rd, 2011 7:29 pm

Hey all!

I can’t figure out a way to search the games by the technologies used to create them, and I’d love to see what else other people have created using the same languages as me.

It’s really inspiring to see the awesome things people can do, so if you used Java or Processing, I’d be really happy to take a look at your game!

Edit- Here’s a link to my game, available as an applet, web start, runnable jar, and OS-specific executables: Escape from Monster City

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23 Responses to “Who else used Java or Processing?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Haha I’ve used processing actually. It’s the only programming language other than php I’ve worked with for the past few years so it was either that or nothing :)

    Here’s what I made: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-21/?action=rate&uid=5432

    • KevinWorkman says:

      Awesome job! Do you know if it would be possible to use Processing to give the planets a more 3D look? Or to use the camera functions to give the whole thing a 3D or 2.5D feel? Something like viewing the planets’ orbiting plane at an angle instead of straight on, for example?

      • Andrew says:

        Oh yes, that’s very possible, in fact the zooming is a translate on Z. I avoided the sphere primitive because I wanted the planets to have their unique styles, and I haven’t worked with texturing yest so I avoided that completely. The initial plan was to have everything tilted and use the planets as sprites, but I needed to add more math in order to keep them always facing the camera, so I decided to focus on other more important things. Then I forgot about it :)

        • KevinWorkman says:

          Very cool. The reason I asked is because this weekend was the first time I played with Processing, and I was afraid to dive into the camera logic- it seems like it might be simple enough, but I didn’t want to risk futzing something up in the last minute. That’s part of what makes Processing so impressive to me, the ease of manipulating the view, which really adds a lot to games. I’m excited to find out what else it can do!

  2. BleuLlama says:

    I was considering doing Processing, but decided against it for no discernible reason. I think the next LD, I will be using Processing, if for no other reason than for more people to be able to try it out. (I used the tech set that I’m most familiar with – iOS – which probably has the *smallest* audience who can try it out. heh.

    • KevinWorkman says:

      Yeah, I’m really impressed by the output that Processing gives you. In just a few minutes, I have two applets, a webstart, a runnable Jar, and runnable files for windows, linux, and mac for my game. I think it’s also possible to export Processing sketches to Android. Talk about accessible!

  3. 8bitmuse says:

    Hey Kevin, I don’t know if you want games specifically from LD 21 but my entry for LD 20 was made with Java and jMonkeyEngine. Have you tried uploading your games as applets by the way? When I was trying that I remember encountering alot of roadbloacks. It would end up running for only windows and nothing in IE.

  4. Nothing Games says:


    this was my little bit of weekend java work, had some issues getting the lighting to work in an anywhere near efficent manner and now that the weekend has past i have figured out more ways to do it, still is interesting to see how far i can push java with software rendering 😛

  5. Felipe Budinich says:

    Guys and don’t forget about Daandruffs awesome entry (done in Proce55ing <- I liked the old spelling better)

  6. sfernald says:

    Oh yeah, wow, I almost forgot. I did a Processing entry back in 09 called Brinie.

    It was a weird little game about microscopic life on titan.

    Hehe, in about ten more years I think computers might actually be able to run it without slowdown.

    Here it is anyway, if interested:

    Processing was yet another language I learned on the fly from this wonderful compo.

  7. thonk says:

    I also wrote my game in Processing: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-21/?action=preview&uid=4762
    Processing is definitely awesome when it comes to porting. Porting to Windows, OS/X, Linux, and the web takes something like 3 mouse clicks.
    My only complaint with Processing is that once you have too many classes, it’s impossible to directly select the class you want. The tabs on the top all become unnamed (to save space) and the list of classes that appear when you press the upper right “arrow” button might run off the screen.

    • KevinWorkman says:

      Cool entry! I’ve only used a small number of classes with Processing, so I haven’t seen that problem yet- but how many classes are you talking about? That seems crazy, especially if you’re using the editor full-screen.

  8. sfernald says:

    I forgot to mention is that I really enjoyed my experience with processing.

    Any time I want to do something experimental with procedural graphics and algorithms. I don’t think there’s anything out there better for that kind of thing.

    For platformers and normal games, not so much.

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