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I Will Ramble Over Your Game!

Posted by (twitter: @dogbomb)
August 23rd, 2011 4:26 am

Oh hi there, you’re looking fabulous today. That Ludum Dare has really done you good…

I’m dogbomb. I do silly things. One of the silly things I do is play/review/mock/love indie-games on a weekly basis. This week I’d like to tickle a few of your Ludum Dare entries and see what happens.

I did this last time; it was my 50th review so I decided to cram 50 games in.  You can see how that turned out here:

50 Indie Games in 10 Minutes


I truly wish I could play/record all of your games, but I can’t due to time constraints, so please leave a note if:

  • You want your game to be played
  • You want to recommend someone else’s game for me to play
  • You really DO NOT want me to play yours. I’ll take you off the list.

I’m quite kind, but I can understand that you won’t want this British chap with a weird accent pointing out bugs in your 48 hour game or swearing at it because he doesn’t understand it through his drunken haze.

This is pretty much first-come-first-served, though I already have a small list I’ve put together myself. I will get upset if people WANT to be reviewed and I have to say no… so I’ll close this when I need to, to stop me bursting into tears.

TL;DR : This dude wants to play your game and put 10-15 seconds of it on youtube while shouting over it.



p.s. I love you all. Thank you for the great response. x x x

104 Responses to “I Will Ramble Over Your Game!”

  1. Superyoshi says:

    Haha, I saw that in June already, couldn’t stop laughing 😀
    Feel free to use my game:

  2. accidentalrebel says:

    Interesting. Looking forward to you getting frustrated while flinging little men around in my game

  3. PaulSB says:

    Heehee, nice work. Similarly I’d be happy to have a fellow Northener ramble over a bit of mine if you like (

  4. Winterblood says:

    Huzzah! I loved your 50 game video, feel free to ramble over mine (it will only take you about 30 seconds to play it through anyway :)

  5. Gib says:

    Feel free to point out the stupidly high difficulty of my game 😀 –

    The “50 Indie Games in 10 Minutes” video you linked was hilarious. Will definitly check for more on your channel !

  6. RichMakeGame says:

    sure, I’m happy for you to take pot-shots at stratus :]

  7. PaulWagener says:

    How can I refuse somebody rambling on my game? Count me in please:

  8. digital_sorceress says:

    Feel free to crash at high velocity into brightly coloured squares. 😉

  9. Nanolotl says:

    Great video!
    It’d be great to have you ridicule my game:

  10. I’m British – so your accent will fit!
    Go ahead. Love your work so far :o)

  11. jonnopon3000 says:

    I’m English, so hearing a reviewer speaking in my own accent will be a novelty. If you can, I’d love for you to review Starfire:

  12. Nekuromento says:

    Nice video!
    It would be great if you looked at our game:

  13. Surrealix says:

    Awesome idea. My game is quite hard enough when you aren’t in a drunken haze, but feel free to have some fun and prove otherwise:

    It’s prettier in motion than it looks in the screenshot. I promise!

  14. Lattyware says:
    If you’d like to use mine, go for it, you have to have some variety, right?

  15. Felipe Budinich says:
    I would love to have my game reviewed, besides it’s really short 😉

  16. RedWater\wzl says:

    have a go at
    Some people don’t get past level 3, or really have problems with i think it was 8 (you will recognize it, it is true evil!)…
    would love to see you fail on this one 😀

    thanks and enjoy :)

  17. puffi says:

    If you’re in a mood for little puzzler feel free to use my game:

  18. Gaeel says:

    While I’d love for you to play and review my game OMFG Aliens! , I HEAVILY suggest you play and review

    Not really sure how you could review that one without spoiling it, but at least play it…

  19. Doft says:

    I would love to hear you screaming at how bad my game is =)
    Really liked your “50 indie games in 10 minutes” video

  20. none says:

    Sounds like it would be pretty awesome. Please do my game 😀

  21. platypus says:

    I would love to be featured in your video. The entry can be found here:

  22. SLiV says:

    I love the concept. I’d be really thrilled if Left’d make it on.

  23. joekinley says:
    Here play mine. It is hard and I bet you won’t get to the final level.

  24. nilstastic says:

    Would be (very) happy if you played mine!
    Seems to have difficulties on ati based hardware, but should work on a nvidia based card with semi-new drivers. =)

  25. DecsterB says:

    Ooh, I’m probably too late but if you can I’d love for you to add mine in there!

  26. Zed says:

    Ahhhh, please don’t let me be too late…

    Pretty please? With cherries on top? Love you forever?

  27. Folis says:

    Also probably waaay too late, but this game doesn’t take long, isn’t hard, and you don’t have to take it if you don’t want it.

  28. oatsbarley says:

    You could take a look at mine if you have the time! Had a lot of fun watching your previous video.

  29. dogbomb says:

    Hello there, you scroller! If you read this, then that probably means you were too late. :( I’m sorry.

    Anyone below this comment isn’t guaranteed to be in the video, but I might add you if I have enough time… OR you might have been on the original list anyway! You never know!

    Anyway. Feel free to comment. I’ll be posting the video on Friday/Saturday.

    You’re beautiful… no matter what they say. x x x

  30. gokuhd says:

    Oh man! I didn’t read this in time well… anyway, if you have some time at least check it :)

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