Untitled Escape – Semi Post mortem

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August 22nd, 2011 7:13 am

Well, I got somewhere! I had set out some personal goals this time to see how far I could get.

Here is the submission link.

a) Get the mechanics I wanted to make in
b) Get the levels buildable with my editor + Tiled so content is quicker
c) Finish at least 5 tutorial levels (which I did, all tutorials, merged one into the other leaving 4).
d) Don’t rush.

I got 4/4 for my personal goals, and I have something playable that I can expand on which is pretty much what I wanted.

What went wrong

1) Don’t rush. This was intentional, and I slept normally, didn’t spend all the time I could have so probably only about half the total time was spent.

This means its not a game, just a tutorial but since those were my goals, I am still happy with the outcome.

2) Trying to make a grappling hook that you can control

I lost a lot of time working on this rope thing that was pretty damn awesome (i love box2d) but it wasnt stable enough to use for now.

Rope tastic

3) Only getting a concept/story idea late on saturday afternoon. Unhelpful. The rest of the time was spent working on all sorts of prototyped mechanics and stuff that i was hoping to use.

What went right

1) Mechanics and gameplay went first, then allowing me to edit them from the editor, then polish and art and such.

The editors kinda work like this :
Build the layout in tiled. Create triggers and object layers for whatever you need.

Once you have that, the level will load it for you, you can use the in game editor to edit the scene. Adding sprites, collisions, triggers and more.

Once you have that, you can edit the properties needed to connect the gameplay to the sprite objects. Like that glass1 will destroy the sprite tagged with glass1 in the editor.

What is next

Hopefully I will be able to make a few of them in time for the jam to show of the actual concept. Otherwise, I will just make some levels over the next few days and hopefully do a post release.

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