Postmortem: Make a run for it

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August 22nd, 2011 3:37 am

Once there was a weekend I made a game in …
… and that was yesterday.

Thank you, McFunkypants to remind me of “write the code, only then you’re ready for making graphics’n’stuff” :)

Yeah, that worked better, last time I worked on the code, panicked, worked on the graphics, came down and worked on the code again, only to have forgotten a few things.

So, I made a game about escaping interstellar encounter with pirates, flowery aliens, asteroids and a f-ing sun :)

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You’re the 80’s style super cool, super human rough’n’though chief engineer (something I think about Philhassey and PoV right now :-P) who’s on board a freighter with some nearly out of the flightschool noobs, who don’t know anything and try to steer you right through the sun. You’ve got to keep the ship together, until your ship reaches the jump gate. You’ve got a crew of 8 nameless – but I’m sure nonetheless cool – mechanics that you can have working on various systems to keep your ship flying.

The idea was that you have these “lets hide in that asteroid field, that would hurt us, but the pirates will surely die sooner” – moments. And “oh god, we’ll never reach that gate, unless we explode our warpcore right behind us, but wouldn’t that hurt the hull to much?”

First of all, I’ve only got one level. Ok, the positions of the enemies and the asteroids change, but their numbers and the positions of you, your target and the sun stay the same. But I had that mentioned moments a few times, so I hope that works.

Second, there are bugs. I couldn’t test it on Windows 7 which seemes to be a problem, since a few friends (but not all of them) with hardcore gaming machines said it would lag und firefox 6. I on the other hand had no problems with my 5 year old core2duo under windows xp. don’t know.

Third, there are bugs. Yeah, again, I’m not sure but I don’t think the shields do that they’re supposed to do. But with the right configuration you’re able to survive the sun. And sometimes the systems bleed health without beeing attacked, don’t know why.

Ah, and something about the weekend: Since I’m in germany I staid up laaate (4 a.m. saturday morning) to get the theme and watch the madness on irc. I got to bed around 4:30, already having the idea in mind, but I didn’t want to miss the morning shower under which I have the best ideas, strangely, before starting something. Around 8 o’clock a child started screeming for hours in the flat right next to mine. I guess my neighbors have guests, since they don’t have child. Argh. Saturday was nearly over after that, I had a headache the whole¬† day, live streaming didn’t work and my moods were down. I sleeped over the afternoon and then drove to friends to play uno, that was relaxing a bit. I came home Sunday morning around 1 o’clock, and started working. And didn’t much stop until Monday morning 3 o’clock.

And that’s how Make a run for it got made :)

Thanks to PoV and Philhassey for fixing the server, after we made it crash – and in fact for this whole event! :)

(hopefully I didn’t miss another person who worked on the LD-Site? If so, please hit me hard and tell me his or her name)

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