Under a Watchful Eye: Late Production Post

Posted by (twitter: @michaelpconsoli)
August 22nd, 2011 7:40 am

Anyway, I had some trouble submitting my posts during the outages this weekend, as every single one of you contestants have also experienced. Here is a Saturday update with a production shot of my game, Under a Watchful Eye:

Today [Saturday] I’ve spent several hours testing the mechanics and putting together all the art. I took a digital camera into my back yard and snapped shots of the grass, moss, trees, stone, and one cloud. I cut this cloud out, made the sky color an alpha, and put it on a billboard. Spent far too long coding the movement of the clouds and the way they fade away/are recycled. Ah well, it looks nice at least.Under a Watchful Eye, Production screenshot

I also created a number of meshes in blender for rock formations and boulders. They are all just extruded cubes that have been displaced using perlin noise, sub-surfed, and UV unwrapped.

Anyway, the enormous glaring eye now twitches and looks in random directions. If you step too far away from it, it will go into alert mode and warn you not to go any further. If you keep going, it will fire at you, killing you unless something is blocking its path.

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