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August 22nd, 2011 1:07 pm

I was relieved to get everything inĀ Escape the Fate working in due time. However, some problems arose after entering.

One tester quickly reported the game crashes for him on startup. I spent a while Googling about py2exe’s quirks and isolated the cause to the font. Had to include that in the download (it’s a free font, don’t worry) and force users to install it before playing.

Later on, people complained the game was confusing with its two different types of falling. Instead of throwing the player straight into the action, I added an intro level which limits the interaction to a minimal amount of tiles. It’s amazing how the mechanics of falling suddenly became self-explanatory. This was on the extended time, so with the slight addition, the game still qualified for the compo.

Just a moment ago, I was giving tips to a player who seemed a bit lost. I wondered why, he hadn’t even gotten to the tricky part yet. Apparently, the game was too big for his laptop screen, and parts of it were cut off so that the level was unplayable. Yesterday I realized this might happen, but I kind of forgot about it when I was busy fixing collisions. That goes under bugfixes, so it won’t get me disqualified from the compo either, especially when I posted it as an alternative download. I should know since I’ve answered several questions about an update’s validity on #ludumdare.

Speaking about IRC, my username is different between the site and the channel. I’m also known as Jiggawatt; I simply failed to predict I’d be using the IRC channel much, so I registered here with something else than my standard issue IRC nick.

For those who actually got the game working and even understood what’s going on, the feedback’s been positive. So go try it.

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  1. JohanAR says:

    *spoilers* I also had problems getting past level 3. From a design perspective I think having to jump outside the screen and the jump mid-air back in is a little bit too strange. Personally I would either shrink the level horizontally or at least introduce double jumping and going off screen separately :)

  2. ointment says:

    Mid-air jumping is necessary to get the hearts in the two first levels, so it’s not that far-fetched. Especially in the intro level, I figure some players will wonder how to get the heart (since there isn’t much else to do there) and stumble upon the technique.

    I could mention mid-air jumping on the submission page, though.

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