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Ld 21 Compo Games Wallpaper!

Posted by (twitter: @ExciteMike)
August 22nd, 2011 9:46 am

I made desktop wallpapers out of all 510 compo games submitted (as of when I ran the script a few minutes ago) for Ludum Dare #21!

Ludum Dare is getting popular! It's getting hard make out the games in these wallpapers! :)

Here’s a zip file containing the wallpapers in various sizes and the Python script that generates them (requires PIL).


I’ll be back in around 11 hours to add the jam games!

Update: The list of all games has been split into multiple pages, so the script no longer works.


10 Responses to “Ld 21 Compo Games Wallpaper!”

  1. Folis says:

    Found mine!

    Row 19 – Picture 1

  2. Milo says:

    Just wasted 2 minutes finding mine (its the last one on the 3rd to last row).

  3. KevinWorkman says:

    That is awesome! I can’t find mine though! :c

  4. Jorjon says:

    Found mine!

  5. KevinWorkman says:

    This is my background now, by the way!

  6. buyfbfans says:

    Oh wow, you’re doing both Ludum Dare and Klik of the Month? A few of us met up here in Oakland for Klik of the Month, and after we had finished we played a few entries (your RPG included). I didn’t know you were doing Ludum Dare too. Good luck with the game!

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