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    Hollow – A Rewarding Experience

    Posted by
    August 22nd, 2011 12:49 am


    This was my first jam of any kind (I happen to be off seemingly away from other indies, which prevents meet-ups, and my schedule never seems to leave a nice 48-hour swath available to do this kind of thing) and I had a great time!   It was very motivating just knowing the time limit, and I can’t say I’ve been more productive on a game.  I hope everyone else had as good a time working on it as I did!  Anyway, on to the actual game.

    Hollow is an atmospheric game about a white creature who has fallen down an enormous pit into a cave.  Your goal is to help him escape the cave and return to the surface through a maze of caves and corridors filled with monsters of many kinds.  The art direction was very much meant to be bleak, dreary, and dark, as to show the sadness of the creature and the landscape.  The monsters are all multi-eyed pupil-less guys (as they live deep in a cave!) which makes them all group well and fit the environment as well.  The monsters are also (hopefully) relatively original in how they act.

    The controls are on the games page, as well as the tools I used to make the game.  I will most likely be extending this game into a fuller experience later on for sponsorship, so look for one with more levels later on!  And see if you can find the secret alternate route ;)  Thanks for reading!

    -Connor Ullmann




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