Chryssalid Escape WIP III

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August 22nd, 2011 8:13 am

So, I didn’t submit my game because all that the player can do at the moment is exploring around. I was planning to do some enemies of course, but time (and wrist RSI) punched me in the face.

Chryssalid Escape WIP3

Chryssalid Escape WIP3

+ There are now 3 Fog levels, black, fogged, lit. Looked better when I blurred and colorized the fogged images a bit.
+ Scrolling screen around edges. Visibility is increased by the number of rays passing through a tile, meaning I get a sort of peripheral anti-aliasing I guess.
+ Scrolling centers on character moving near edge.
+ Selection box that blinks and follows moving characters.
+ Made some quick button gfx (idle, hover, pressed).
+ Started on bottom GUI. Mouse knows better if it’s on the map or not. GUI is selected tile/unit sensitive.
+ Sloppy gfx for some furniture (4). Noodled on other gfx as well.
+ Separated walk blocking and sight blocking.
+ Default Chryssalids spawn in Alien Containment area.
+ Lowered walls so they don’t exactly obscure the tile behind.

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