BEF Finished and uploaded!

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August 22nd, 2011 7:24 pm

Wow it’s done kind of BEF

Not sure if it’s a fun game but mechanically it ‘works’.

Quick Postmortem:

The concept was viewing the Evacuation of Dunkirk as an Escape, the problem how to implement that in 48/72 hours as a game!

Initially I just though it was the wrong way to go but the idea stuck and after thinking I could make the whole game in a Narrow almost 2D path then maybe it could  work ( I probably should not have stayed up until 3am to catch the start of the compo).

Also I thought that if I restricted the actions on the Units (yep it was turning into an RTS) then maybe it could work!


What went right:

Modelled the units, used a simple style for the troops but differentiated their helmets ( Well I liked it ;o).

The combat system, I thought how to get the units to fight, and realised that a simple D20 style combat would help prevent predictable/repeating outcomes but outcomes with trends.  I think I had it up and running in a few hours, initially the German army just stormed the French lines and that was my way of testing it out!

The idea of a slider driven scrolling map area works well.

Keeping the control simple was a great help, only allowing units to move left or right/ fast or slow, stop and dig in.


What went wrong:

The UI was complex well you have 3 cameras one for the Main View, another for the Map and a third overlaying the controls.  This combination was arrived at after a great deal of hair pulling and dead ends were tried to resolve UI issues and get it all to work.

I didn’t get the Spitfires and Stuka’s in the game, yes the plan was to have the full blitzkrieg style of battling to occur, after all the game was 2.1D.

The Ship, well if you want to take soldiers from England to France you need a ship, how to load it and get the troops on probably one of the most complex and convoluted aspects of the game.  The ship has ended up being a 2 door system with a locking when docked mechanism (it’s frustrating to lose troops to the deep when in the dock)!

LOL the best bit was when I was struggling to get the Units to stay on the ship while crossing the channel, I did have to use physics didn’t I, anyway after much tweaking I managed to get it to work only for the Tommies to shoot across the channel and then fly out into France, over a hill and into the German army Angry Birds Style! ;o)

The game is not really balanced, it just about plays but it needs quite some time spent on it adjusting the combat parameters and unit speeds, tweaking and fixing a few bugs!

No Textures, Music, Explosions, Stukas, Spitfires, Little Boats, Re-Supply Trucks, Ambulances, Prisoners of War, Injured, Blood Splats, Artillery, Historical List of Casualties/POW’s/Medals!  ( I need to learn how to work faster!)


I am very pleased with this game, not sure how fun it is, I’ve had fun making it and I’m very pleased with what I have managed to get working!

Hope you enjoy it, any and all suggestions welcome!


TIP#1: Get troops to Dig-In downward triangle makes them tougher.

TIP#2: The last troop in a row of three can push the two ahead of it.





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