Woo! Asset Time! (Demo for Macs included)

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August 21st, 2011 7:54 am

So, I managed to get my game logic finished last night, and now since the site is back up, here’s a demo (without so much


It contains no instructions, so I’ll give a brief rundown:
1) Each weird redish-thing is a building. If you click on it, cars spew out. Red Building = Not evacuating, Green Building = Evacuating, Gray Building = Empty.
2) Cars always take the shortest path to the exit (which is any road leaving the left side of the screen). This usually causes gridlock.
3) There is a deadly wave bearing down on the cars. Evacuate the buildings before it’s too late (or don’t; it’s your choice).
4) Clicking on roads makes them into 1-way roads. Cars will obey these UNLESS there is no path to the exit.

Okay. That’s where I am now. Also, that’s an entire game. That means that tomorrow is left for assets, tweaking, and making menus and stuff. Which is AWESOME because, last time I did the Ludum Dare, I was working on the game logic until up to the deadline! Also, my timelapse is working this time! Things are really going up my way this time.

Of course, I have to say that if I had been a fool like last time and tried writing a fairly elaborate physics engine, I would be failing again (Read: All the blog posts I wrote last time about HOW ANNOYING that code was. Debugging it took up, probably, 90% of the entire time I was working on that). Also, every system in this game is discrete, so I didn’t waste time on difficult math (I love doing that math though). I think that, even though I only intended to do the Jam this time around, I’ll be able to make the competition, which is pretty sweet (although, I don’t have any windows computers nearby, so they’ll have to compile for themselves; shouldn’t be too hard though, since its only dependency is SFML).

I’m quite pleased with this game, especially considering that the theme completely caught me off guard (what were you thinking, people who voted for “Escape”?) and that I didn’t really have any good ideas (~first 16 seconds of my timelapse = creating a game below my quality standards) until about 8 hours ago. I’ll have to think about whether I want to keep working on this game after the dare (it needs more spicing up though).

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