The Watchful Eye Loves You

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August 21st, 2011 9:18 pm

Under a Watchful EyeSo, I managed to get my game in on time. I’m so burnt out from the past two days! The game puts you in the role of someone caught in an unfortunate situation that I’m sure we’ve all experienced from time to time: A large double-irised disembodied floating eyeball creature has trapped the player in its circle of protection, and you need to escape before it bisects you with a laser. It actually loves you, it really does, almost as much as it hates anyone outside of its circle.

Under a Watchful Eye is by no means complete. I planned on building more escape routes, for instance. Right now there is only one way out of the circle that the eye has you running. I’ve already added a few more here… just check my site for updates. If I have any post-compo editions, I’ll post them here once the voting is over.

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  1. Doddler says:

    It was pretty interesting, although I never really had much luck getting out of it’s line of sight long enough to do much. I just don’t have the patience for it I guess! The model is particularly cool though, and the idea has some good potential.

    It’s nice to see other unity users in the competition too. :)

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