The Man, The Frog, & The Shuttle

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August 21st, 2011 5:09 am

Will they all survive?

So excited to be taking part in Ludum Dare again! I got really demotivated when my laptop started glitching out and giving me issues, but I eventually got my energy back and decided to try for it anyways.

What you see there is coming along very well, and is already quite fun. Got all the gameplay mechanics finished, intro, title menu, game over, and the gameplay sequences chaining together. I plan on spending most of tomorrow designing the levels and adding in sound effects, polishing more here and there. Any free time I get will be used to spice up the menus more, but if I run low on time they’ll get left as is (functional, but not pretty).


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  1. baconman says:

    This is so ridiculously addictive and awesome. About the only thing is how you lose your momentum during screen switches, which is usually what kills me, particularly in the shuttle part. Do the enemies there get to keep their momentum? (That’s how it seems, it may be a little more balanced if they lost theirs too.)

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