Sheep ‘n’ Run

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August 21st, 2011 8:57 pm

“Once upon a time, there was a sheep called “sheep”, The sheep “sheep” managed to escape on the great day of the sacrifice festival (Eid Al-Adha/Kurban Bayrami)”…..  yup.

It’s a collab with my Turkish friend Mustafa Colpan, for the jam. we will continue working on it after the compo (probably releasing for the iPhone and Android as well, since that would be a good excuse for making a shitty game).

Anyway, This is a crappy prototype, done in less than 12 hours with a complete disconnection from the outside world which nullified my chance of learning anything new. thank you, my main town’s central, thank you.

The game’s current state is complete shit, so play it at your own risk.hmpf, I know I I still have a whole day ahead of me to finish the game, but  I don’t think I need that extra stress thank you, -my lack of internetZ is breaking my brainS-, maybe another time when I have a proper internet connection :(

here’s the web version:

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2 Responses to “Sheep ‘n’ Run”

  1. The art-style is quite appealing, and so far unique. I like it.

    And you are right, this does require some more polishing :-).

  2. ZenithSal says:

    Seconded on the art-style, unique and attractive.
    Hey and good luck with LD#22 😀

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