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August 21st, 2011 11:46 am
Bad End

Chryssalid Autopsy

The darkness!!

Aside from feature creeping as usual, my drawing hand RSI is making it very difficult to work. Here’s the progress so far on Chryssalid Escape. The goal of the game is to sneak out of Alien Containment and reach the exit. X-COM soldiers stand in your way, but perhaps they can be used to increase your numbers? See previous post for more details.

Chryssalid Escape WIP 2

Chryssalid Escape WIP 2

Screenshot. Bit of a mess. The perspective isn’t really working as good as isometric, and the walls should not be exactly 2 tiles high (they do overlap).

+ Ambient sounds. Very easy to make and remarkably similar to how X-COM sounds.
+ Footsteps. Other sounds are waiting to be used.
+ Graphics for 16 floor tiles, 5 wall tiles, and 4 Chryssalids. Using X-COM sprites as inspiration.
+ Map (128*64) in multiple layers that can be scrolled and edited a little ingame (mouse). Loads data from Photoshop Raw (which is my map editor).
+ Units (characters) with action points. Can Move, turn, strafe, collide.
+ Brute force Line of Sight rays. Hidden units not drawn.
+ Simple Immediate Mode GUI. Keyboard can also be used.
+ Data structures for the various units (mostly unused atm).

– Add (and layout) all buttons for control (mostly using keyboard atm).
– Button Gfx.
– Title screen with art, New game (reset all), Resume game, Quit and all that.
– Win and lose conditions (count Units, step on exit tile). Finish art for win screen.
– Rest of the Wall, Unit, Obstacle, Effect Gfx.
– Figure out where to store corpses and destroyed obstacles.
– Enemy roaming ai (use existing movement methods).
– Enemy stalking, noting target points.
– Enemy shooting and projectiles.
– Make sure the camera is focusing on visible enemy action and projectiles.
– Minimap. Pixmap that can be updated. Click on it to scroll.
– Edge scrolling instead of the wonky map click scrolling.
– Chryssalids bumping into obstacle and enemies should use existing damage function. Obstacles might need resistance values.
– Chryssalid Zombie and Cocoon transformation timers.

+ 805 lines of BlitzMax Code
+ Tiles are 48*32 px, asin(2 / 3) = 41.8103149 degrees (90 = up).
+ Using lots of constants to set things up, so I can change resolution and such somewhat easily later with the game adapting to it.
+ Art drawn at 4x in Photoshop.

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  1. Geti says:

    Well, glad to see something up. This still seems ambitious for LD but regardless, there’s something put together. Hope the wrist didn’t make coding too much of a nightmare :/

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