I did it! My first LD! My first game!

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August 21st, 2011 4:44 pm

About 14 hours ago, I gave up, sat down on the couch and literally cried.

I was hopeless, here I am, with dreams of someday making something cool, a game, some music software, anything, and suddenly realising that I couldn’t do Ludum Dare. I put my head in my hands, and tears started rolling down my cheek. First-World problem, I know, but I felt like I would never be able to overcome problems that lie in my way.

But I saw other people in the IRC chatting away about their stuff, and I though to myself that I CAN’T let this one down, I said I was in, I WAS IN, whether I liked it or not.

I sat down, and started over, my previous attempt was bloated, stupid and messy, the new one is messy and dirty, but it works and it’s my baby.


It’s an inverted tower-defense type game. Aliens spawn in the middle and try to escape (they are VERY stupid and seek to infect humanity with their stupidity, luckily this means they have trouble finding their way, and grunt incoherently instead), the player can place turrets to shoot them down.

Turrets have 100 ammo and dissapear when they run out.

Turrets cost 100 credits to place.

Aliens take 20 hits to die, and give 20 credits when they die.

This means placing turrets needs to be a careful choice, because you need the turret to actually do some shooting to stay level.

The game ends if an Alien escapes.

Every alien spawned except for the first bunch awards the player with a point, keeping the aliens from escaping for as long as possible is how you score.

You will evetually lose as the mob spawn rate overcomes the turret’s ability to kill then.


It’s only been tested on 2 machines, my CrunchBang Debian 64bit netbook, and a Windows7 machine that I don’t really know the specs of (it’s an i7, so it’s probably 64bit)


Please, test it and tell me what you think.



2 Responses to “I did it! My first LD! My first game!”

  1. triplefox says:

    Congratulations on finishing, the game’s actually pretty cool and I played it a few times :) The lesson I’ve learned from doing LD and other timed development competitions is to get over the fear and just try stuff. I started doing that in all my projects and now LD just feels only a little different from a “regular day” for me.

    • Gaeel says:

      Thanks for the reply triplefox, I’m really happy someone enjoyed my game.

      I’ve had an idea on the backburner for a while, and I think LD has given me the confidence and motivation to get it going. Not now though, I need to pass out instead ^^’

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