Fear & Loathing In Javascript

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August 21st, 2011 7:45 pm



If I could go back in time, maybe that’s what I should have named my Ludum Dare entry. Instead, though, here is “The ESCape”.



It’s a very ugly game and the first real game in HTML5 that I’ve gotten done so I focused more on handling the Canvas and Javascript than I did fancy sprites. The theme of the game is that you are an “Idea”, a white block navigating a “thought” maze. The player can use the arrow keys to navigate the maze and by pressing the Escape key, “change their mind” (aka, randomize the entire maze). The Idea is searching for various “Goals” though out the maze so that it can travel deeper and deeper. As the Idea travels into the thought maze, new obstacles such as grey permanent walls (was going to call them “Beliefs”, a la “beliefs set in stone”) and red “Doubts” (monsters) that randomly toss the Idea into another part of the maze. One the player gets through 20 levels, they get the ending I was, in my own heavy handed way, trying to convey.

This was my first Ludum Dare and it was a fantastic experience. I’m very very tired, learned a ton about HTML5/JS I didn’t know about (freaking inaccessible vars from setIntervals created within the object), and I am looking forward to participating in the next event and seeing the other submissions!

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