Chaoslab – Escape Forest 2012, primary release

Posted by of Infiverse Representitive (twitter: @chaoslab)
August 21st, 2011 8:17 pm

This is the primary release. Escape – Forest 2012 – Version 1.123 – 48 hour game entry


Java  –
JMF  (for music) –

It does have spelling errors and was uploaded over an hour and a half ago

Just unzip the zip file and copy the run_game.bat file into the install directory (forgot to put it in the zip /facepalm).

Just click the run_game.bat file once you’ve copied it into the install directory

Its a quirky text adventure with some scanned pencil drawings with graphics touch ups in Paint Shop Pro,  lots grammatical and spelling mistakes (had to find them after uploading eh? that’s lysdexia for ya! 😉 and over 30 minutes of music.

Runs on the Macintosh (Should be ok with Linux) from the command line
java ludum.Escape

If  I have time and energy I might do a secondary release to fix some spelling mistakes and slight glitches.



Cameron Mckechnie

Ludum Dare #21 Entry Page

Tiny URL for this page

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  1. Chaoslab says:

    Quick project stat’s
    – 15 pencil drawings reworked in Paint Shop Pro
    – 30 minutes of original music in (3 tracks in mp3).
    – over 54,000 characters of new source written during the process and included

    Happy to answer any question just email me at


  2. Chaoslab says:

    Bug #1:
    You don’t need to hit the Champion button to get the video url it gets copied to the text buffer when you finish the game (might do it continuously)
    That wont make sense till you complete it and there’s another trail to follow after that….

    Bug #2: (I think this ones officially an undocumented feature)
    You can mash the music player to the point it plays more than one track at a time. Yeah its a bug but well since you can do your own remix isn’t that kinda feature too? 😛 :-)

  3. Chaoslab says:

    Thanks for all the now its all done I am working on the next project work title – Quantum Want.

    Certainly influenced by my Ludum Dare #21 entry. Don’t wanna give away too much but it will be off the wall humor and hand drawn art touched up digitally and music. Contemplating raffling some of original art works for a low price ($5-15 dollars each + Postage) and maybe limit the larger pieces to people that have completed the game. Figured it might be a nice way to connect and share a bit of the game with people in not just a physical form.


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